Now Is The Time for Gandhiji’s Dream
We Want Gram Swaraj Today.  Now.
At 100th Anniversary of Hind Swaraj

Peace Through Village Swaraj
The Future Belongs To Village Swaraj
Our Walk Is a Prayer For Peace

Theme & Offerings

“I believe that if India, and through India the world, is to achieve real freedom, then sooner or later we shall have to go and live in the villages — in huts, not in palaces.  Millions of people can never live in cities and palaces in comfort and peace.  Nor can they do so by killing one another, that is, by resorting to violence and untruth.  I have not the slightest doubt that, but for the pair, truth and non-violence, mankind will be doomed. We can have that vision of truth and non-violence only in the simplicity of the villages.”  ~  Mohandas Gandhi to Jawaharlal Nehru, 5 October 1945


We walk to raise awareness about the Global Disaster which is almost upon us, and closing fast.  We are at risk of biological extinction of the human species.

To inform and inspire Villagers about how they can save themselves.

To offer Villagers real and concrete practical solutions for organic farming, cow based agriculture, cottage industries, renewable energy solutions and independence from corporate infrastructure.

To educate about how the corporations which rule the world control the mass public mind through TV, false advertising, and corporate influence over education.  To show the moral degradation fostered by this system.

To educate about how the merciless and for-money-only corporations and Central Bankers control the world food supply, its energy supply, its supply of drinking water, the communication system, the transportation system, the judicial system, the armaments and war system, and the education of the human child.

To inspire the Villagers that their way of life is the future of mankind — or else there is no future for mankind.

To inspire respect for women, who are far more important than men in the job of saving humanity and our Mother Earth.  They are the first gurus of the human child.

Jeff’s theme will be that, as Bharat Mata has sheltered and cared for me as a stateless person — just as police S.O. Sri Jagbir Singh said she would — I must now give of myself to Bharat Mata by honoring and carrying the message of Mahatma Gandhi to the limits of my capacity.

Jeff will speak to the failure of the Western development model as realized by his own direct corporate executive experience.  His personal quest is for Goodness, Beauty, and Truth.

To undertake a walking meditation that is a prayer for peace.

Jeff Knaebel

09925022270 (Anirudh Jadeja)

09428825908 (Mahadev Vidrohi)



1.Gratitude and Respect for your hospitality, kindness, generosity, and open –mindedness to listen to someone who has come from far away.

2.My hope is to inform you that the development model of European and American origin has created a world-wide disaster of terrible consequences.

3.This development model is destroying the fertility of our soils with chemicals and pesticides, polluting our water, destroying our forests and grazing lands, filling the air with foul smoke, and degrading the morals of the coming generations.

4.My wish is to discourage anyone seeking to adopt the ways of the West – they are contrary to both Indian way of life and Indian values as well as being destructive of the water and soil upon which our lives depend.

5.I tell you from my own direct experience that the money madness of corporate employment in big cities will keep you far away from peace and happiness and love.

6.Do not encourage your sons and daughters to seek this glitter.  One who goes this way ends up selling his life by the hour to an inhuman corporate machine.  One becomes a machine himself, cut off from the world of Nature, and far from happiness.

7.The promises of job security are false.  In the corporate world, one is vulnerable to discharge at any time, for any reason, or for no reason, such as your boss does not like your appearance.

8.The big corporations promote all manner of falsehoods and false expectations through TV, news media, false advertising, and corporate influence over the education system.

9.The merciless and for-profit-only corporations and central bankers control the world’s food supply, its energy supply, its drinking water, the communication system, the transport system, the legal system, the armaments and war system, and the education of the human child.

10. The entire system of corporate rule is based upon violence and exploitation.  It cannot sustain itself without violence.  And violence can be sustained only by lies.

11. The masters of the corporate world care only for money.  They care not for life.  They care not for the earth.  They care not for the grandchildren.

12. I encourage you to stay away from all these lies and devote yourselves to the Truth and Right Livelihood that has supported the rural people of India since time immemorial.

13. This western way of life will very soon destroy itself, just as Mahatma Gandhi predicted one hundred years before.  Stay away from it so that it does not destroy you also.  Develop strong self reliance and mutual support among your own people who are living close to you.

14. Contrary to the western model of degrading womanhood, please hold the highest respect for your women, for they are the first guru of the human child, they are the true carriers of life, and the future of all of humanity depends upon them.

15.These heartless, merciless corporations will take your land by false promises or muscle power, and they will give you back nothing but lies and corruption and broken contracts and insecurity and you will be cast adrift without roots in the land.

16. If you join the western development model, you will leave the circle of life.  Outside the circle of life, you may not survive.

17. You will be living in a vast wasteland that the TV tries to sell you as the good life.  It is all hollow, empty, degraded, and very lonely.

18.Please heed well my words, for I speak from the direct experience of living in the sea of lies that is the reality of a world ruled by corporations.

19.The only solution is the way of Mahatma Gandhi as he has written in Hind Swaraj one hundred years before.  This book provides guidance for every aspect of the human life.

May you be happy.  Dhanyavad and Namasteji.

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